Voices from the Front Lines

All On The Line is collecting videos from supporters like you to raise awareness about how gerrymandering contributes to our broken political system and why this issue matters to our communities. Add your voice to share what’s on the line for you and your community.

  1. Click “Record Your Video” – a pop-up box from countable.us should quickly appear
  2. Once you’re ready to record your video, click “Make A Video” (And make sure you check the disclaimer box to agree to share your video with us!)
  3. Get camera-ready! Click the red video icon to begin recording – if you’re using your smartphone, your camera should pop open
  4. Record your video – remember to make it short and sweet!
  5. Once you’re done recording, click “Send Video Message”
  6. Enter your information and then click “Submit” – your video should successfully upload!
  7. Please allow 24-48 hours for your video to appear in our video gallery below. In the meantime, check out what others have to say about what’s on the line for them!

If you have any issues with your video submission, please contact us at allontheline@redistrictingaction.org