All On The Line

We’re on a mission to end gerrymandering because it contributes to the polarization and dysfunction in our political system. It’s time to end map manipulation and finally have fair districts.

One person.
One vote.

Whether you care about providing access to affordable health care, reducing the gun violence that plagues our schools and communities, protecting voting rights, achieving equal pay, or solving the urgent threat of climate change, there is a fundamental structural barrier that prevents progress: rigged electoral maps drawn with surgical precision by politicians to preserve their party’s political power and silence the will of the people.

“Because for all the hard-fought progress we’ve achieved together, the lack of truly representative government has too often stood in the way of change.”

All On The Line

Barack Obama

“With fair maps and a more just electoral system, we can have leaders who are more likely to tackle the important issues facing our country and be more responsive to the needs and desires of the people they were elected to represent.”

All On The Line

Eric H. Holder, Jr.
82nd U.S. Attorney General

We cannot achieve meaningful progress on the issues so many Americans care about when elected officials feel more accountable to the most radical parts of their base rather than to the rational, reasonable solutions that most Americans support. With the upcoming 2020 Census and subsequent redistricting in 2021 – the process by which new congressional and state legislative district maps are drawn using census data – the time to act is now. The next decade of our nation’s politics and progress is on the line and we need you on the front lines.

Are you in?

Key Targets

The fight for fair maps is happening nationwide, but we’ve identified 10 priority states where we can have a unique impact on fair representation for the next decade.

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North Carolina
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